Kate SmythNATUROPATH and Director of the Athlete Sanctuary

    Kate Smyth

    Kate is an extremely passionate and vibrant living example of good health and fitness. Kate shares her profound wisdom and knowledge in understanding the body with her patients as a clinical Naturopath.

    With a keen interest in sports naturopathy she draws on her understanding of what it takes to be an athlete, with a holistic approach to medicine and enjoys working with sports enthusiasts and active people of all levels, ages and abilities.

    Kate’s involvement in sport and exercise extends over many decades across a variety of team and individual pursuits. Kate developed her passion for holistic medicine , sports nutrition and nutritional medicine during her career as an elite endurance athlete competing in the women’s marathon (42.2km) for Australia at the Olympic and Commonwealth Games. Kate is one of Australia’s all-time fastest women over the marathon and through her own positive experiences of naturopathy overcame injury and illness to progress from fun runner to Olympian in just eight years.

    The Benefits of Working with Kate.

    • A thorough and a comprehensive assessment. Kate identifies triggers and underlying causes of health issues by conducting an in-depth assessment of each individual, physical examinations, pathology and advanced functional testing.
    • A unique blend of sports Naturopathic medicine that helps restore balance and energy
    • A balanced perspective as Kate bridges the gap between modern medicine and traditional healing methods
    • Practical and easy to follow treatment plans to address both underlying causes of dysfunction and long-term resolution of symptoms.  Treatment plans may include non- pharmaceutical medications, nutritional, exercise and lifestyle advice. Kate does not ask her patients to do anything she wouldn’t do herself!
    • Balanced nutrition advice. Kate delivers practical, easy to follow meal plans that are not only delicious but inspire even the fussiest eaters to make beneficial food choices. She tailors all food plans to address an individual’s current health issues, meet their exercise demands and takes into consideration food preferences and sensitivities.
    • A confidential space where patients feel comfortable sharing even their most intimate issues
    • Greater control and an understanding of how to prevent and address issues in the future so you don’t find yourself in the same situation
    • Connection to someone who truly understands the demands and stresses of sports performance and can provide suggestions on competition and recovery strategies
    • Working within the Coastal Balance clinic in Torquay, Kate provides collaborative healthcare alongside the team of myotherapists and physiotherapists so patients can get the most out of themselves and return to optimal health and balance. She also works with other healthcare practitioners, personal trainers and coaches to get the best outcome for patients.
    • Flexibility and access to help regardless of location. Kate provides face to face and skype consultations and supports busy individuals all over the globe.
    • Access to a qualified practitioner. Kate studied for 5 years and completed a recognised university degree (Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy). She helps with a range of issues but some of the most common issues include fatigue, anaemia, food intolerances, digestive complaints, weight management, chronic injuries, poor recovery, anxiety and stress, insomnia, menopause, hormonal dysregulation and immunity problems.

    Although now retired from serious competition, you will find Kate on the local trails most days or on the beach walking her golden retrievers. She is also involved in community health education in our local schools and mentors many of Australia’s rising athletic stars.

    Kate offers consultations during business hours and after hours in the clinic on Tuesdays and Saturdays. She is also available for skype consultations 5 days per week Tuesday to Saturday.


    • Bachelor of Health Science- Naturopathy
    • Experienced guest speaker
    • Mentor to aspiring athletes

    Professional Memberships

    • National Herbalists Association of Australia
    • Accredited athletics coach

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