Cindy ParksClinic Director and Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

    About Cindy

    Cindy has worked in private practice settings around the world – including Canada, New Zealand and Australia – since first graduating with a Master of Science in Physiotherapy from McMaster University, located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, in 2003.

    After spending several years in the field of musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy, Cindy completed a Master in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, gaining specialised assessment and advanced treatment skills for spinal, shoulder, hip and knee conditions.

    Cindy enjoys working with clients who are genuinely interested in getting back to performing their best whether at work, sport, or play. She is passionate about delivering high quality evidence-informed care to her clients and their families, and appreciates the need for short term pain relief and, more importantly, for long term prevention.

    Cindy has had the opportunity to treat many athletes including professional and amateur Canadian ice hockey players, as well as members of the New Zealand Ice Blacks. Her love of snow sports has enabled her to work with elite Canadian ski and snowboarders, and has taken her to Whistler, BC, and Queenstown, NZ. Her participation in competitive soccer has provided her with a unique insight into the rehabilitation of elite and recreational Canadian soccer players. Upon moving to Geelong, Victoria, Cindy became involved as a consultant physiotherapist to St. Joseph’s Football Club for their 2009 season.

    Cindy grew up with an avid interest in all sports and competed in basketball, volleyball, athletics, soccer and skiing. Today, she still enjoys staying active with running, hiking, yoga, and snowboarding, as well as playing competitive soccer for the Surf Coast Football Club.


    • Bachelor of Kinesiology (Hons)
    • Master of Science (Physiotherapy)
    • Master of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
    • DMA Clinical Pilates Levels 1-4, Stott Matwork Pilates
    • Certified with the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute

    Professional Memberships

    • Australian Physiotherapy Association
    • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Group
    • Sports Physiotherapy Group
    • Business Group
    • Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute

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