Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be one of the hardest conditions to treat due to the fact that it has the most available range with the least amount of bony stability. As a result, hands-on treatment such as dry needling, massage, and joint work is great for initial pain relief and residual stiffness, but therapy should not stop there.

Muscles are the primary stabilizing factor for your ball and socket joint and it takes a lot of grunt work to ensure that they are working well together and are strong enough to hold the ball centered in the socket through your range of movement.

In order to gain strength, you must perform exercises consistently to fatigue with adequate recovery time for the muscle fibres to react. Research has shown that diagonoses of bursitis, impingement, tendinopathy via scans are positive in 96% of people whether they are experiencing pain or not.

So, before you have a quick fix like a cortisone injection, or consult a surgeon, make sure to book in at Coastal Balance for an in-depth assessment to determine the best way to manage your shoulder pain.  Take control of your health today.

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