Real Time Ultrasound Torquay

measure and monitor muscle activation.

Musculature real time ultrasound

Coastal Balance offers Real Time Ultrasound Torquay, imaging to allow you and your physiotherapist to accurately view your deepest abdominal core, pelvic floor, hip and groin musculature. This is an essential component of your rehabilitation for low back, pelvic, hip and groin pain as many of the “control” or stabilising muscles in these areas may stop working properly in response to pain.

Visual feedback permits specific retraining of these inner core muscles. It enables your physiotherapist to measure and monitor muscle activation during different postures safely and effectively at progressive stages of your rehabilitation. Real time ultrasound is non-invasive and there is no risk of radiation.

Real Time Ultrasound allows you to see, in real time, if you are able (or unable) to switch on your control muscles in many different postures. Many chronic conditions fail to improve despite ongoing treatment and exercise therapy because the wrong muscle group has been targeted. Real time ultrasound can ensure that your are on the right track from the outset of therapy and can help get you back to feeling your best at work, sport and play as quickly as possible.

What to expect?

Initial consultation: 45mins

This type of consultation is required if

  • you are a new client to the clinic or have not been seen by your physiotherapist for more than three months; or
  • you have been referred by your health care provider (osteopath, chiropractor), personal trainer, or coach for an ultrasound assessment.

We ask that you arrive approximately 15-20 minutes prior to your consultation time so that you can fill out the appropriate paper work including general health information and a questionnaire related to your injury or condition. At this time, the clinic manager will also give you a tour of the clinic and answer any questions you may have while awaiting your physiotherapist.

Once you meet your physiotherapist, you will be guided into one of our private treatment rooms, so as not to be disturbed. Your physiotherapist will take this opportunity to appreciate your full injury history by undertaking a detailed and comprehensive health interview and physical assessment to be able to determine the muscles that are primarily affected by your injury.

During the physical assessment your physiotherapist may observe your posture, range of motion, joint movements, and muscular activity. Once a working diagnosis has been made, your physiotherapist will ensure that you fully understand the anatomy and function of the involved musculature, as well as their effect on pain and injury recurrence.

At this point, your physiotherapist will guide you through the correct activation of your muscles using the ultrasound image as feedback while you are actively trying to engage them. Depending on your ability, you may attempt to switch on muscles in a variety of positions including lying, sitting or standing. Once your physiotherapist is happy with your performance, you will be shown specific exercises to work on at home until your next visit.

Please wear loose fitting clothing and be aware that your physiotherapist may need to implement proper draping techniques for better access to the hip and pelvic musculature.

Remember, you should leave this session with full understanding of

  • the anatomy and function of your core musculature;
  • the effect of your injury on your muscle function;
  • the difference between your global and local muscle systems; and
  • the importance of properly activating the correct muscles.

Review consultation: 30mins

This type of consultation is required if

  • you have previously had a real time ultrasound assessment;
  • you have been participating in supervised classes and you or your physiotherapist would like to review your progress; or
  • you have been attending physiotherapy sessions and your physiotherapist has recommended real-time ultrasound imaging.

During this review session, your physiotherapist will once again ask you a few questions about your current injury status, and will re-assess key points as noted from your previous encounter.

You and your physiotherapist will then view your muscle activation via the real-time ultrasound image, and depending on your performance, your treatment plan may be altered accordingly.

Please wear loose fitting clothing and be aware that your physiotherapist may need to implement proper draping techniques for better access to the hip and pelvic musculature.

Extended review consultation: 45mins

This type of consult is beneficial if

  • your condition is complex.
  • you require treatment on two separate injuries.

Similar in process to the review consultation, but allows for a further 15 minutes of treatment time.

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