Torquay Lymphoedema Treatment

Complex Decongestive Therapy

Complex Decongestive Therapy for Lymphoedema

We are delighted to announce the expansion of our current services to include the assessment and treatment of Lymphoedema.

Physiotherapist Mai Hordern is trained in Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT), which is the gold standard treatment for lymphoedema caused by blockages or failures of the lymphatic system to properly drain fluid secondary to surgery, cancer, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and lymph node dissections. CDT can also be helpful to reduce swelling following injury, surgery and Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome.

Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT) involves encouraging the flow of excess fluid via several methods which may include:

Education regarding your condition and prognosis, as well as appropriate skin care and infection prevention, specific home exercises and self-drainage techniques

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) which is a specifically sequenced, and very gentle and relaxing form of massage

Active exercises to further stimulate a muscle pumping effect

Compression bandaging and garments to prevent fluid build-up from returning after the application of MLD

Our Coastal Balance boutique clinic is specifically designed to provide a soothing and relaxing environment and includes private treatment rooms and a spacious Clinical Pilates studio with state-of-the-art equipment. Initial appointments involve a comprehensive assessment and treatment lasting 1 hour. Subsequent treatments usually require 45 minutes, with extended follow-up sessions of 60 minutes available as needed.

What to expect?

Lymphoedema Initial Consultation (60 mins)

This type of consult is ideal if:

  • You are a new client to the clinic
  • You have been referred by your health care provider (GP, osteopath, chiropractor), personal trainer, or coach for Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT)

We ask that you arrive approximately 5-10 minutes prior to your consultation time so that you can fill out the appropriate paper work including general health information and a questionnaire related to your lymphoedema. At this time, the clinic manager will also give you a tour of the clinic and answer any questions you may have while awaiting your physiotherapist.

Once you meet your physiotherapist, you will be guided into one of our private treatment rooms, so as not to be disturbed. Our highly trained physiotherapist will take this opportunity to appreciate your full history by undertaking a detailed and comprehensive health interview and physical assessment to be able to determine the best management plan for you.

During the physical assessment, the physiotherapist may observe your posture, range of motion, joint movements, and muscular activity. Once a clinical picture has been made, your physiotherapist will take the time to make sure that you fully understand your condition and prognosis. From here, you will collaborate on an appropriate treatment plan based on your specific goals, so that you can get back to feeling and living your best.

Remember, you should leave this session with full understanding of

  • your condition
  • your treatment plan (type and number of sessions)
  • advice on self-care/management at home
  • your therapeutic home exercise program

Lymphoedema Review Consultation (45 mins)

This type of consult is required if:

  • You have previously had an initial consultation for the same concern within the past 3 months

During the follow-up session, your physiotherapist will once again ask you a few questions about your current status, and will re-assess key points as noted in your previous session.

The standard consult will primarily focus on treatment, with further re-assessment following the applied treatment technique to determine the effectiveness.

Lymphoedema Extended Consultation (60 mins)

This type of consult is beneficial if:

  • Your condition is quite complex
  • You require treatment on 2 separate areas

Similar in process to the standard consultation, except allowing for a further 15 minutes of treatment time.

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