Please bring any scans (ie. ultrasound, x-ray, MRI) you have had that may provide additional information about your condition to your physiotherapist.

If you are attending physiotherapy, it would be beneficial to wear loose comfortable clothing that allows easy access to your area of concern (eg. a low tank top for a shoulder injury, shorts for a knee injury). However, we do have freshly washed tank tops, shorts and gowns that you may use for your session. Also, you should bring anything else that you think would help your physiotherapist make an accurate diagnosis (ie. running shoes, picture of your work space etc).

If you are attending clinical pilates, loose fitting clothing is best as it will promote ease of movement. Health and safety regulations also require that you wear socks while using the pilates equipment. We also have several pairs available on site for you to borrow if you have forgotten your own. Alternatively, you can purchase some pilates grip socks from reception.

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