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Coastal Balance Physiotherapy & Clinical Pilates was founded in Torquay in 2011 by director, Cindy Parks, a musculoskeletal physiotherapist educated in both Canada and Australia. After experience working in numerous clinics around the world, Cindy became aware of the growing need for a manual therapy clinic devoted to spending quality time with each client on the assessment, treatment, and prevention of acute and chronic injuries.

At Coastal Balance Physio Torquay, we believe that a balanced body leads to a balanced life. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of care through individualised evidence based treatment plans, and direct communication with other qualified health care practitioners to ensure the best possible outcome. We are committed to promoting health and wellbeing by optimising function, mobility and quality of life.

Our goal is to ensure that you experience personalised professional service in a relaxed and friendly environment. With this in mind, we always allow 45 minutes for our initial consultations, and 30 minutes for our follow-up appointments. We also provide the option of booking an extended 45 minute follow-up consult if your injury or condition is quite complex. All consultations occur in our private treatment rooms, on a one-to-one (1:1) basis, so you will not find your physiotherapist rushed or trying to juggle multiple patients.

Our physiotherapists will assess you in order to determine the underlying cause of your symptoms and provide a long term solution, rather than a temporary quick fix.

Physiotherapy sessions are “hands on” and may involve anatomical acupuncture and the use of real time ultrasound to ensure appropriate neuromuscular function during specific exercises.

To prevent future exacerbations, you may also find it beneficial to continue with an individualised clinical pilates program (movement therapy) utilizing contemporary equipment and supervised by a registered physiotherapist to guarantee proper form and progression

Let us help you achieve a balanced body, and a balanced life.

Why choose Coastal Balance?

Coastal Balance Physio Torquay is the only clinic in the Torquay area that offers:

  • individually prescribed clinical pilates equipment based classes supervised by a registered titled physiotherapist
  • real time ultrasound assessments to ensure proper recruitment of core and pelvic floor musculature
  • assessment and treatment by a titled musculoskeletal physiotherapist

Client-centred care

You are ultimately in charge of your health, and should be actively involved in designing your treatment plan and goals with your physiotherapist. Let your physiotherapist know what you want and expect from your treatment, so that you can obtain the best possible outcome.

The Coastal Balance Team – Ph: 03 5261 6688

  • Cindy Parks Clinic Director and Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

    Cindy has worked in private practice settings around the world – including Canada, New Zealand and Australia – since first graduating with a Master of Science in Physiotherapy from McMaster University, located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, in 2003.

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    Joh has over 12 years-experience working in the field of Physiotherapy and mindful movement practices (Pilates & Yoga). She has completed many physiotherapy professional development courses. Joh uses manual/soft tissue therapy, dry needling, craniosacral therapy, motor control retraining, mindfulness, and exercise-based rehabilitation, in treatment sessions.

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  • Emily Centra

    Laura enjoys collaborating with her clients to work towards meaningful goal-focused health outcomes that align with her clients’ core values and needs. Through her practice, Laura hopes to pass on her love of a balanced, healthy lifestyle to members of her community.

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InTune Myotherapy

Ph: 0403 361 605

  • Amy Hooiveld director and myotherapist at InTune Myotherapy

    Amy graduated with the Advanced Diploma in Myotherapy in 2004 from the Victorian College of Healthcare Education. Amy is a member of the IRMA association and regularly attends their Seminars and Conferences to further increase her knowledge and improve her skills.

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Bowen Therapy

Ph: 0493 027 509

Hahnemann Therapist

Ph: 0422 581 968

  • Estelle Hahnemann Healer/Concomitant Healer

    Estelle is passionate about alternative health, self development and I loves gardening, being most at peace spending time in the bush and at the beach.

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